About BirthingMama

I am the mother of a daughter, who was born at home on January 12th, 2010. Her birth transformed me in so many ways, it still amazes me on a daily basis. I was born by a repeat c-section in 1986 that caused me to accidentally be 4 weeks early.

My passion is to help other women understand the power of their bodies and to trust in their strength; to share the things I learned during my pregnancy and birth in hopes that it will help someone else have a beautiful, empowering birth experience and to help them breakaway from the birth “norms” that may not always be necessary or healthy.

I’m a mama who wants to help change America’s maternity care system for the better.

If you want to contact me with questions, comments or birth stories you can email me at birthingmama@gmail.com.
You can also check out my personal blog (more about my life as a mom and less about birthy stuff/rants :)).


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