Got My Cloth Diapers!

I got the rest of my FuzziBunz one size diapers today! Now I can use cloth diapers full-time with no excuses. 🙂

I looked into cloth diapering while I was still pregnant. My mom used cloth diapers (prefolds and plastic covers) when my brothers and I were babies, so it seemed like a pretty natural thing to do. Except that I knew I didn’t want to use those crunchy plastic covers!

To begin with, I ordered 6 cloth diapers, thinking I could use them and see if I liked them and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have lost too much money. Right after my baby was born, I got in the habit of using disposables far too often, but I did like my cloth diapers when I used them. Finally I ordered more and vowed to use them as much as possible. I finally just received the second half of that order, so now I have 24 FuzziBunz. We are using cloth 90% of the time. I’m using organic disposables at night since she wears her diaper at night for so much longer and because of that I want to use diaper cream. And what is really great is that my husband likes the cloth diapers better than the disposables (changing them anyway – he has yet to wash them).

My next big project is to try to convert to cloth wipes as well! I made my own solution today and am going to see how it goes with the 6 cloth wipes I have. I don’t like the ingredients in disposable wipes and if I’m washing diapers, I may as well wash wipies. Besides, I don’t have a paper diaper to wrap them up in anymore!

Here’s the baby wipe solution I used this first time. Next time I want to add some tea tree oil to it.

2T baby shampoo (I used an all-natural kind)

2T olive oil

2C water

Mix together in a spray bottle to spray on wipes as you use them or pour over wipes in an air tight container. I’m not sure which I will do yet.


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