“Regrets” From My Homebirth

As much as I loved my homebirth experience and will have any more births at home, I have a couple things I wish I would have done differently. I can’t wait to have another baby so I can improve upon my experience!

*I regret not being able to see my daughter actually come out of my body. Next time I will either be in a better position to watch (I was on my hands and knees the first time around and I can’t imagine being in any other position) or else I will recruit someone to video tape the birth. Actually, I will probably have someone video tape it either way. I want to be able to re-watch the whole thing! My memories are fading too quickly.

*I didn’t get many pictures taken. Again, memories are fading and I want more documentation of one of the greatest events in my life! I would like to have someone there specifically to take pictures next time. Also, I want to take one last pregnancy photo when I go into labor.

*I also regret not moving around and doing more during labor. I got serious too soon and I think my labor actually took longer since I sat in the bath tub instead of walking around and continuing to just “live” my normal everyday life. Next time I’m going to invite my mom over and play cards, go for a walk, talk and laugh instead of getting into my “zone” so quickly.

Before my birth, I would have never dreamed that I would WANT to be videotaped or photographed during one of the most vulnerable times in my life. But it was such an important day (THE most important day) of my life that I never want the memories to fade.


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    E.Nikol said,

    Thanks for the tips.

    “Better to learn from one persons regrets than to have your own.”

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