Oops…Did That Make Me Sound Biased?

I think (okay, I KNOW) I sometimes come across to my friends and people I talk to as being anti-hospital, anti-intervention and anti-OB (and I’m working on that, really!). And sometimes I really feel that way. Then I have to remind myself that sometimes interventions CAN be helpful. And that not all OBs are worried about making it home on time for dinner. And that sometimes there are L&D nurses who are truly heaven-sent. Sometimes I read too many horror stories about interventions, lack of respect and knowledge and forget that hospital births aren’t all traumatic experiences. Thank you for the birth stories that remind me that there are some really great OBs out there who recognize our bodies’ wisdom and power during pregnancy and birth, who are patient and caring. Thank you for reminding me that what is right for some is not always right for others.

I don’t want to lose track of the fact that I should be helping women become aware of how physiological birth works and letting them make their OWN choices. Even if it’s not the choice I would chose. My goal and passion is to inform women so they can truly make informed choices that are best for them and their babies. No one should be pushed or rushed into an intervention or choice without knowing all the facts. And while most people think they can ultimately trust their care provider to do what is best for them, it is always a good idea to do the research on your own as well. Sometimes there are other things in play besides your well-being.

I personally am pro-homebirth because I think it’s the place where most people can truly be comfortable and relaxed. When you are at home you are not spending time and energy fighting against interventions you don’t want. I recently overheard a 38 week pregnant woman talking about her secret stash of snacks she was hoping to sneak into the hospital (it shouldn’t be that way; laboring women NEED to eat to maintain energy levels). Also, even though you’ve heard it a thousand times, pregnant women are not sick women. If the mama and baby are healthy there is no reason to be at a hospital. Emergencies can happen; we should never be so naïve as to think they can’t. And that is why most midwives come prepared (O2, Pitocin, resuscitation equipment, oh, and lots of wisdom, patience, and knowledge).


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